In our rapidly changing world, a poor digital strategy will quickly result in loss of market share.  Our mission is to ensure clients get the most out of their investment, which begins with a crystal-clear road map. 




Most organizations experience some level of frustration with system incoherence. It’s critical to ensure that applications can “talk” to one another effectively, which ICS makes possible through system integation. Interoperability enables businesses to maximize efficiency.  It eliminates room for human error and conflicting data entries by establishing a single source of truth (reliable data).  We deliver functional and clean digital assets that bring critical data and information into one space.


ICS drives operational functionality and accuracy of claims systems that result in membership retention, growth, and member and provider satisfaction. 

Our robust claims life-cycle approach to system configuration and integration begins with an evaluation of the claims life cycle to identify and drive optimization and operational improvements, considering the all components of the claims process - Member Enrollment, Benefits, Provider Data, Configuration, Edits, Medical Policy, Authorizations, and Reimbursement methodology.


It’s not unusual for tedious manual operational processes to detract from the core mission. And contrary to popular belief, automation isn’t a magic bullet. It takes months of careful planning to ensure higher levels of productivity, more cost savings, and increased accuracy.

We work with clients to build automation capability from the inside out, backed by full support to enable our business partners to keep maximizing value time over time. We want to help clients meet their automation goals and get the most out of their initiatives, with a roadmap paved with quantifiable goals and realistic ROI.  We help business partners:

Solve problems faster

Become a digital workforce

Access proven tools and methods

to identify and implement powerful 

automation tactics


If data is the key to better decisions, analytics are essential for business transformation. ICS empowers organizations to turn confusing raw data into streamlined insights, delivering meaningful answers. Clients are empowered to make more informed business decisions. But - data can only be understood and implemented if it is shown in a way that makes sense. That’s why we develop outcomes-based driven system capabilities that transform information flow, providing robust insights into opportunities, challenges, room for growth, and beyond.

Predictive Analytics is more than just a “nice to have.” Predictive Analytics can significantly improve your operational efficiency, forming an integral part of an organization's business intelligence strategy. Through real-time reporting, clients' can turn data into insights and dynamically adjust algorithms accordingly.

ICS is diversely experienced in building customized technology solutions to help our clients take control of their data, supporting their ability to:

Mitigate risks

Deliver better products, services 

& outcomes

Stay competitive

Provide customers & patients

more peace of mind

Accurately measure production 

& adoption

Instantly understand insights

& take action immediately


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