The founders at Ideal Care Solutions formed ICS after seeing a great need to find answers to every day business pain points.  At ICS, our mission is to deliver smarter solutions, better outcomes and measurable results for business partners.


ICS is on a mission to empower clients with the tools, knowledge, and insights they need, to deliver higher customer satisfaction, more meaningful engagement while reducing cost and complying with industry regulations.

As a technology-enabled solutions company, we drive our clients' success through innovative technology design that enables them to enjoy seamless data aggregation from disparate sources to deliver better customer engagement and more optimal results.

We help our clients work smarter, not harder.





Experience.  We are uniquely positioned to support our clients through our deep understanding of contractual SLAs, compliance regulations and performance requirements.

Innovation.  We design technology applications that empower our clients to save money, provide better service, and effortlessly comply with industry regulations.

Personalization.  No two institutions are the same - neither are our services.  Most companies that buy out-of-box solutions realize shortly thereafter the limits of the system.  At ICS, our solutions are tailored to meet each client's unique business need and scalable to support growth, while meeting changing regulatory environments.

Automation.  Through process automation, ICS helps clients achieve efficiency, data integrity and scalability, enabling them to focus on their core mission.

Insights.  AI-driven analytics and predictive technology enable dynamic reporting. Knowledge is power, and ICS gives clients a key advantage.  

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